Carnation - Corn caps

9 cm x 15 cm x 0.2 cm wallet containing 5 plasters

Causes of Corns

Is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of corns, warts and callouses. Corns are the most common of all foot problems and come in various forms. The most common are hard corns and soft corns.

  • Raised, shiny dome of whitish or pale yellow thickened skin.
  • Hard cone-shaped centre (nucleus).
  • Found mostly on top of toe joints, has no root.
  • Causes pain when the nucleus presses on the nerve.


Use after a hot foot bath: Dry carefully. Apply the dressing to cover only the callosity with the medicated area Change the dressing every second day until the hard skin comes off itself. Administration to be limited to approximately 10 days


Each dressing contains 36 mg salicylic acid (40 % w/w)