Carnation - Bunion pads

9 cm x 15 cm x 0.2 cm wallet containing 4 ovals felt pads.

Causes of bunions

Carnation bunion pads are ideal for relieving pressure from painful bunions, and is made from medical grade chiropody felt and hypo-allergenic adhesive suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Bent toes and bunions can run in families but are often caused by defective or ill-fitting footwear.
  • In early teens, bones are soft and still developing and can mould to the shape of the footwear worn.
  • Socks that are too tight or too small, pointed shoes and high heels which cram the toes into the front of the shoe will cause permanent distortion if maintained while the feet develop.
  • A bunion forms on the joint as an attempt to protect against pressure.


Use on clean and dry feet. Relief is best achieved by placing the centre hole of the pad over the centre of the bunion. Use each pad once only and change daily as required